Consulting And Project Planning

The project planning and consulting arm of Bielefield Construction Inc. is superior. In today’s competitive building construction markets, achieving clients’ satisfaction is of utmost importance. The choice of a design consultant and a contractor for a building project has a crucial influence on the post-occupancy satisfaction of the client.

Clients are the most important asset of any organization and it is crucially important to satisfy their needs. Achieving client satisfaction adds value to the organization and has been identified as an effective tool for competitive advantage. The clients’ satisfaction is a key in procuring future projects (Durdyev et al., 2018). Therefore, identifying clients’ hierarchy of needs and creating effective strategies accordingly is becoming a prerequisite for success in the construction industry. Firms failing to take this into account encounter the risk of losing their share in highly competitive markets. Bielefield Construction Inc. is a leader in Sonoma County and can be trusted with your project analysis, design and execution.

Consultation and Planning


Many of our clients have wonderful dreams and visions for their homes or outdoor spaces. But sometime, find a way to make those dreams a reality can be challenging, especially if construction is not your specialty. That’s where we come in. We take the time to understand your vision and make helpful suggestions on making it real. Give us a call and let’s see how we can make your dreams come true. A true construction consultant helps their clients oversee and assess building costs and contracts for construction projects. This may include providing other general technical and business assistance. Additional responsibilities involve working with contractors to decide and implement the building design, noting any environmental issues at the site, and ensuring worker safety. Simplify your project planning by calling Bielefield Construction Inc. today and watch as your dream comes true.


Project Planning And Management


Residential Consultation

The Importance of Planning in Construction

Project management has a long history in the construction industry and there have been a number of studies on the relationship between planning and project success.  One study found that the top one third of projects from a planning completeness perspective had an 82% chance of meeting those goals, whereas only 66% of projects in the lower third did (a difference of 16%). The importance of planning can not be overemphasized. Eisenhower is said to have stated: “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” (Blomquist 2010).

Project Management Activities

Project management activities are mainly divided into three main categories Planning, Scheduling and Controlling.

  1. Planning: Planning includes defining and visualizing the dream objective, financial planning and setting budgets and researching resource possibilities and access. The amount of hours invested in this phase can impact the financial and satisfaction levels of any project exponentially.
  2. Scheduling: Scheduling activities include developing detailed milestones and guidelines for the project. Several outside global and regional circumstances can significantly influence the overall success of your project. It’s important to partner with Bielefield Construction Inc. early on in the process so all these important aspects of planning can be addressed.
  3. Controlling: Controlling activities include developing budget and finance control points as well as the physical execution of the building plans. With Bielefield Construction Inc., in Sonoma County,  experience and relationships with county and building authorities, as well as subcontractors and inspectors, enhance and improve the overall project experience.