It’s been less than a year since we wrapped up work but I just wanted to tell you the number of oooh’s, aaah’s and wow’s from visiting family and friends has been overwhelming. Everyone immediately goes to the stair well and points out how nice that looks as well as how the remodeled area fits so seamlessly with the existing area. Of course, I note the attention to detail like picking out the right wood, getting measurements exact for walls and roofs to match and the lack of floor squeaks just to name a few of the many unseen yet highly appreciated areas of detail. We won’t forget the effort and patience that went into our remodel and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Rick McDonough

I met Ray while he was working on a neighbors home and asked him to come and take a look at mine to get some bids. So far he has helped me with the foundation, adding a closet, totally redoing a bathroom, and a major kitchen remodel. He and his team are prompt, professional and hardworking. Probably the best part of working with Bielefield Construction was the earnest and sage advise on where to best spend my budget to make sure my home was here to stay. For example, we added earthquake straps where there were none and for a few hours and a few bucks I sleep better at night. Ray is a total pro and I could not be happier I asked for his help.

Brett Bryant, Lights Out Inc

Option 1 Kitchen After with Repurposed Cabinets