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Sonoma County’s wonderful climate and weather begs for outside, backyard activities to bring the family closer. Cooking and eating a meal outside is a fabulous family and friends activity but, as nice as that is, the job of hauling food and supplies out from the kitchen can be a huge hassle, especially when you realize halfway through cooking that you’ve forgotten a must-have ingredient you need right now. If cooking outside with all the essentials at your fingertips is your idea of domestic bliss, then you should consider building a functional outdoor kitchen of your own that caters to your particular culinary preferences.

The cost of building an outdoor kitchen, much like an indoor kitchen renovation, varies depending on the materials and appliances you choose.  Enlisting a trusted General Contractor like Bielefield Construction Inc. in Sonoma County is vital to providing an accurate estimate for building the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Outdoor Kitchen Sonoma

Take your backyard ideas to the drawing board and contact us. We’ll walk through the entire project from the planning stages all the way through to completion.

Here are some ideas of things to consider as you work through the planning processes.

Consider the Types of Outdoor Kitchens Available

Portable- Start with a portable charcoal or gas grill or cast iron smoker. This may be a smart choice for small spaces or space that needs to multitask with other uses. You can add a rolling cart to add storage or counter space. The list of accessories that exists for this type of backyard preparation station is endless.

Prefab- All-in-One solutions exist in many forms and shapes. These are usually a 5 foot island with a stucco-clad exterior and a tile counter top. Gas grills are available that can be dropped into the space provided and access for the propane tank is usually behind cupboard doors below. The advantage of this type of plan is that it brings a quick solution that can be enjoyed the very evening of installation.

Custom- The custom built Outdoor Kitchen is by far the best solution as it can be designed around your needs and preferences. These professionally crafted spaces can be either simple or expansive. They offer the most flexibility in terms of matching the kitchen to the surroundings as well as providing all the bells and whistles that the customer has envisioned. Extensive lighting, the addition of some kind of pergola overhead and professionally installed utilities are all advantages that come with a Custom Outdoor Kitchen built by Bielefield Construction Inc. Contact Us today and let’s get started.


A Few Thoughts Before You Begin

Do You Need A Permit?

Most DIY projects that include a portable gas grill and/or a prefab island won’t require any permits. If your plans are grander, you’d better check with your local entities to eliminate any frustration later as “after the fact” corrections can be annoying and quite expensive. If you’re opting for a custom Outdoor Kitchen, your contractor will be able to advise you.

What Utilities And Power Requirements Will Be Needed?

Again, your plans are affected by the type of project you’re  launching. But it can involve an extension cord and a water spigot nearby on the low end to trenches for power, water and electricity on the higher end. As with any home project, your family’s safety is at least as important as their enjoyment so don’t cut any corners. These types of projects often do require permits so check with your local building authorities or Contact Us at Bielefield Construction Inc. and let us help you do it right.


Safety Must Always Be Considered.

Again, if you’ve chosen Bielefield Construction Inc. we’ll help take the worry out of your project and have you enjoying your new Outdoor Kitchen Addition as soon as possible.


Outdoor Family Retreat

Whether your family is a small nucleus or a huge collective of all ages and affinities, an Outdoor Family Retreat area always ads a dimension of “Welcome” no matter the number of guests. Whenever family memories are being made, it is often the case that they are made in the Kitchen. But if that kitchen is a “Backyard Oasis” the memories are often expanded and intensified. The thrill of gathering with family and friends to a well-designed and built “Outdoor Kitchen” – “Back Yard Oasis” – “Family Retreat” that provides the flexibility to allow for each individual’s space while at the same time creating a “togetherness” that occurs, practically, no where else, is a huge plus for any homeowner. Bielefield Construction Inc. can help you with all the aspects of design,  then build to your specs, and work with you to the completion of your individual dream Outdoor Kitchen area.


Outdoor Kitchen