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We at are the Residential Contractor experts in Sonoma County. While a custom home can take on many shapes and styles, we realize that helping the customers create what they’re dreaming about is our goal; and to do that with their safety and future enjoyment in mind. There are many many decisions that must be made by the home builder at to what their needs are as well as what they are hoping to achieve with their new home. While the number of styles and desires and requests is endless, the  National Association of Home Builders says there are  five most common requests made in recent home builds.


  • Energy Efficiency: Efficiency doesn’t stop with purchasing Energy Star appliances. Design features such as natural lighting, high insulation, home orientation and thermal mass are desirable, as well as energy producing technologies (geo-thermal or photovoltaic). We can and will advise you in each of these areas while maintaining your own personal originality in the plans.


  • A Separate Laundry Room: Homeowners overwhelmingly request a space that that is a single function or purpose exclusively for the purpose of laundry chores. The general consensus is that they don’t just want a corridor or a space in the garage or off the kitchen. Homemakers want an area to sort dirty laundry and fold clean clothes; some also request a wash room sink or a built-in ironing board as well. We at Bielefield Construction Inc. will help you plan the other consideration such as light or storage. If a two story home is being considered, another convenience to think about might be a laundry chute or a dumb-waiter for easy access to soiled laundry.


  • Flexible Spaces such as Play Rooms or Studies: Family’s Needs Change. The playroom that seemed so important to a young family can easily be transformed into a teen center, game room or study nook as a family ages. As children grow up and leave home, these spaces can evolve into a home office, art studio, library, or Home Theatre room with just a little pre-planning during the original building stages. This is where Bielefield Construction Inc. can play an important part in consulting services.


  • Storage: Likewise, as in planning for Flexible Spaces, planning ahead for storage is always a good plan.  A storage room over the attic can be facilitated with box trusses or a convenient family closet near the back door by the garage entry can add immensely to the enjoyment of any home. Walk-in kitchen pantries are high on the wish list for most home building customers as well as convenient attic access depending on the layout chosen.


  • Outdoor Cooking and/or Living Space: Especially with the great weather we experience here in Sonoma County, the lines between indoor and outdoor living space have become blurred. Here in our area,  outdoor space becomes an extension of indoor living space. Homeowners want large private patios that are at least partially covered and function as additional “kitchens.” Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, ceiling fans and built-in seating are a common request. Creative exterior lighting is also a common thread seen in today’s plans for both safety and ambience.

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Before you proceed with any project, be sure to talk to the pros at Bielefield Construction Inc.  to ensure you’re getting expert quality at a fair price. Our Services are many and varied  but the one thing that is a guarantee is our expert knowledge, customer service and integrity: Even if you’re not sure what style or size of necessities your new home needs, Bielefield Construction Inc. can walk through the process with you to bring to reality your own custom dream home.